Crochet Pattern – In-A-Jiffy Cowl

The chilly weather in the end of November and beginning of December (plus catching a couple of colds) had me on the lookout for a cozy cowl. I couldn’t find one (in my price range anyway) and decided I’d be better off making one. This was just a vague idea in the back of my head, pushed down the priority list by the gifts I had planned to make for Christmas, so I didn’t have a pattern or any specific ideas in mind.

However, as fate would have it… As I headed out on Christmas Eve to Buffalo, NY (a 5-hour drive) to spend Christmas with my sister, I stopped by the liquor store on my way to the highway to pick up a few last-minute gifs and refreshments (this particular Christmas celebration was all adults). The liquor store at 11am on Christmas Eve was PACKED. I mean I could hardly get in the door, it was almost impossible to navigate the aisles to find anything, and the aisle where most of the liquor is (most of the store is wine) was full of people because the checkout line was backed up all the way through it.

So my little social-anxiety-ridden ass bailed. I couldn’t get out of there quickly enough. I was a little amped up and upset, but I knew I had to stop at Target in that same plaza for one thing before I hit the road and I was not looking forward to it. As I was trying to find my zen to go into the madhouse that I knew Target would be on Christmas Eve, I just happened to look up at the store that I was passing on my way. The automatic doors opened and the heavenly choirs sang… it was Joann Fabrics.

Joann Fabrics was not packed. It was a peaceful, happy, warm haven, and the yarn called softly and sweetly to me. So I engaged in a little crafter retail therapy.


I found warm, soft bulky wool blends in beautiful colors and textures. And I may have gone a bit overboard… But I bought several yarns that would make amazing cowls!

The first yarn I worked on was Patons Cobbles in Chargrey, which has a really pleasant texture and is 49% wool, 49% acrylic, and 2% nylon.


There was actually a lovely-looking cowl on the wrapper, with instructions to go to their website and get the pattern for free (you can download it from Yarnspirations here).  The pattern worked up very quickly, and the directions were easy to follow.



In-A-Jiffy Cowl


  • 2 balls of super bulky yarn (I used the yarn the pattern was made for, which is Patons Cobbles – each ball is 3.5oz and 41 yards)
  • Q hook


Chain 32. Join in round with slip stitch to first chain to form a ring, taking care not to twist chain.

First round: Chain 2. (Yarn over and draw up a loop) twice in first chain. Yarn over and draw through all loops on hook – this is the beginning cluster. *Chain 1. Skip next chain. Cluster in next chain. Repeat from * to last chain. Chain 1. Skip last chain. Join with slip stitch in top of beginning cluster.

Second round: Slip stitch in first chain-1 space. Beginning cluster in same space. *Chain 1. Cluster in next chain-1 space. Repeat from * around. Chain 1. Join with slip stitch in top of beginning cluster.

Repeat last round until work from beginning measures 9″. Fasten off.


Cluster = (Yarn over and draw up a loop) 3 times in indicated space. Yarn over and draw through all loops on hook.


I’m pretty excited at how this turned out! I’m not sure if I’m going to wear this one or give it away, since I also made a few others that I really like. More on that later…

Happy crafting!!


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