Crochet Pattern – Shark Scarf

Years ago when my oldest nephew was very young, he and his family were up visiting from Georgia. They don’t need a lot of cold-weather gear down south but my parents had a lot of kids winter gear to lend – with the exception of a scarf. So I whipped up a simple little single-crochet scarf from some soft, bright red, worsted weight yarn my mom had around and a crochet hook that my mother (a very accomplished knitter who pretty much has never crocheted anything in her life) had lying around. I don’t think I even finished the edges of it. My sister took the scarf back to Georgia with her, and either on their semi-regular trips North or the rare chilly days in the low country all three of my sister’s kids have shared it.

When I asked my sister what to get my nephews and niece for Christmas this year, she told me they would all love handmade scarves from their aunt. They usually don’t ask me to crochet anything, so I relished the idea.

My niece specifically requested a rainbow scarf to match the mittens her grandmother had knitted for her, and I have already posted the result of that project. My nephews didn’t have any specific requests though.

For Christmas last year, I made all of the kids hats. My oldest nephew got a shark hat, my younger nephew a dinosaur hat, and my niece an owl hat.


To make the boys’ scarves special, I decided to make their scarves match their hats.


I still had quite a bit of yarn left over from  my oldest nephew’s shark hat, so I set to work to make a matching shark scarf. All three colors are Caron Simply Soft, which is a worsted-weight yarn. It’s acrylic, but the scarves don’t need to be super warm for Georgia kids.


I decided to make it with a nice, loose weave, so I used an N hook. I didn’t really have a specific pattern, so I just did about 12 stitches across and double-crocheted until I felt like it was long enough

Moral support(?) from my Christmas elves. At least they’re not attacking my yarn…

Since the inspiration for the scarf (and the pattern for the hat that it would match) came from the Shark Hat Pattern on Repeat Crafter Me (link to pattern is here), I referred to the pattern to see what details I could add to make it look shark-y. I used the red yarn to add a single-crochet trim (double on the ends) all the way around the scarf.

Then I used the teeth pattern from the hat to create teeth (using white Simply Soft) and added those to the ends as well.


I was pretty pleased with the result! I felt like the scarf ended up as a pretty special, custom piece. Unfortunately I don’t have feedback from the REAL tough critic, my nine-year-old nephew, yet. But we’ll see.


Happy crafting! And stay inspired 🙂


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