Crochet Pattern – Owl Hat

In addition to my two nephews, I also have two young nieces. One of them is the younger sister of the two boys and lives in Savannah with her brothers, but my youngest niece is an only child who lives in Upstate New York and who IDOLIZES her cousin. Since I was making hats for all four kids, I thought the girls would enjoy it if I made them matching hats. The older girl is obsessed with owls so I picked an owl pattern that I had purchased with her in mind.

Like the dinosaur hat that I have posted about previously, this pattern was purchased and therefore can’t be published in this blog. But I can’t speak highly enough of the patterns published by Mamachee (link to her Etsy shop here). I don’t frequently purchase patterns, but I have no qualms about paying money for patterns from Mamachee because I know they will be excellent quality.

I was purchasing a particular pattern from Mamachee a number of years ago, and she was running a special at the time that was any five patterns for $17.50. It was a good deal so I picked up four other patterns on speculation, and I picked this owl hat pattern because I knew at the time how much my little niece loves owls. This is the Killian’s Owl Hat pattern (the link to the Etsy shop is here).


The Killian’s Owl Hat pattern includes instructions to make sizes from newborn all the way up to adult. My nieces were two and three-and-a-half years old so I figured I would make the 1-3 years size and the child size.

I used the recommended weight of yarn and the proper size of hook, but somehow the hats ended up running pretty large. I didn’t notice at the time that I was making them (this was last Christmas when I had pneumonia… I wasn’t exactly on the top of my game when I was finishing up all these projects), and I didn’t notice until Christmas morning when the girls tried the hats on. They were huge.

Fortunately, the hat I made for the two-year-old fit the three-and-a-half year old perfectly, and the hat I made for my older niece fit her mother (my sister) perfectly! So I ended up letting them have matching mother/daughter hats.


They were pretty happy about that. And I whipped up the 3-12 months size in the same colors for my younger niece (she’s local to me, so I gave it to her the following week).

I’m not sure if I didn’t follow directions properly, or if my tension is off (I rarely measure to check my gauge – I know that’s not good, but I’m lazy), but I ended up with the 3-12 months size fitting a two year old, a 1-3 years size fitting a three and a half year old, and a child size fitting a full-grown adult. Mamachee’s sizing has always been pretty spot-on, so I’m willing to bet it’s an error on my part.

I can’t complain, though. The hats turned out pretty cute, and all in all everyone was happy (including my sister, who got a bonus hat out of it all)!



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