Backstory – About the Blog(ger)

I started this blog and named it with the intention of posting about crocheting, but I realize that most of the posts so far have been drink recipes. Crochet is my main form of everyday crafting expression but I love a lot of different types of crafts and projects.

The reason for so many drink recipes is that I went on a fantastic adventure cross country which involved crashing with family and friends along the way. I didn’t want to be a bad guest, so I would make different and exciting cocktails for my hosts. I was pinning drink recipes on Pinterest but it wasn’t always practical to have my laptop, so I started writing the recipes that sounded really good in a blank book. I kept notes on the ones I tried and how it went, and always had several recipes at the ready for whatever ingredients I could come up with.

Drink Recipe Books.JPG

I posted a few of the drinks I made on Facebook and my friends seemed to really enjoy it, so I made a regular thing of posting photos and recipes online. This is why I have so many photos of alcoholic beverages, and the links and recipes and everything.

I have done a whole lot of crochet projects as well (hats, scarves, animals, amigurumi, toys, etc), I just did not keep as many photos, patterns, and other documentation of these as I did of the drinks. So I have to work a little harder to round up enough to make a blog post on the projects I’ve already done.

Hopefully I’ll be doing a lot more NEW projects in the New Year, and will properly document them so I can make more interesting and informative posts about them.

Happy crafting!



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