Crochet Pattern – Freestyle Rainbow Scarf

So when my nieces and nephews actually ask for me to make them things, I am more than happy to oblige them.

My niece asked for a rainbow scarf to match the mittens that my mother had knit for her so I snagged the leftover yarn from my mom and made something up. The yarn didn’t have a label but is some kind of worsted weight acrylic so I used a J hook and did some double crochet stitches.


The pattern is this: I chained until it seemed wide enough for a scarf, which was originally about 20. Then I just double-crocheted across, chain three and turn (chain counts as first dc), then double-crochet back across, repeat, and so on.

Then I realized I was going to run out of rainbow yarn, so I tore it all out and started over. This time I chained 14 to start and kept everything else the same, and went until I almost ran out of yarn (I saved enough to throw a few strands in the tassels). Then I single-crocheted around the edges with the yellow that my mother threw in the bag when she gave me the rainbow and did some clusters at the ends to complete the border. I looped some yellow and rainbow strands through the clusters to create tassels, and called it good enough to match a 4-year-old’s mittens.


My favorite part of the last photo is the soft kitty belly of my sleeping cat in the lower right corner. She *helps* me crochet, which is why I’ve started using a tray table desk so I can work around her. All of my creations are made with love and cat hair.

This one was a total freestyle. Despite my normal affinity for very detailed and correct patterns and instructions, sometimes I just wing it.

Happy crocheting!


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