Crochet Pattern – Kindle Case

I scored a great deal on a refurbished Kindle! So I splurged. And then didn’t feel like spending more on the case than I did on the Kindle itself, plus I didn’t love any of the ones I could find. So I thought to myself: “you’re crafty – why don’t you make it yourself?”

It turns out there are a TON of patterns for these things online, so I had my pick! I looked through and found one I really liked: the Greensleeves Tablet Cozy by Emily Bittel, posted on Ravelry.


I don’t have progress pics because I made this about a year ago, but the directions are very good. I used Caron Simply Soft because I always have a bunch of that stuff on hand in a whole range of colors for amigurumi.


The Kindle fits inside nice and snug, and the strap holds it in while it’s kicking around in my backpack or travel bag.


And I found a big, pretty button to top it off. Overall I’m pretty happy with how it looks, and how it protects the Kindle. Yay for home-woven handy-crafts!


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